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Welcome to the Ron Watson Middle School website. We appreciate you checking in to see all the cool news and events happening here at Ron Watson. We designed this website to put important information about our school right at your fingertips. We invite you to visit often to stay informed and inspired about all the exciting activities at Ron Watson Middle School.

So, what types of information will you find on this site? Just click on our school calendar to get the scoop on upcoming events, schedules, and important dates at Ron Watson. You can get to know our amazing teachers and specialists on the Staff page. You’ll want to check out the Helpful Links page that provides fantastic resources for students, parents, and teachers. Still want to learn more? Find out what others are asking on the Frequently Asked Questions page, or review the school’s Student Handbook or the District’s Policies and Procedures Handbook. You’ll find there’s much more too! We’re excited that you’re here, and we hope that you enjoy your visit.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Ron Watson Middle School! At Ron Watson Middle School, our mission is to inspire and empower every student to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and lifelong success. We are committed to creating a supportive and challenging learning environment that equips our students with the skills, knowledge, and determination necessary to excel in college, career, and beyond. We believe in fostering a culture of high expectations, resilience, and collaboration where each student is encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey and reach their fullest potential. Our dedicated educators and staff work tirelessly to provide personalized support, innovative teaching, and real-world experiences that prepare our students to thrive in an ever-evolving global society. At Ron Watson Middle School, we are proud to cultivate future leaders who are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century with confidence and purpose.


Mrs. Corners

Mrs. Corners, Principal